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Preschool Philosophy

At Shoal River Learning Center, Inc., children ages 3-5 are prepared
for kindergarten through hands on discovery, dramatic play, assisted
learning, and self-motivated creativity. All activities assist children in
growing physically, socially, and academically.

Children need to be guided in their own direction to become an
individual.The role of teachers / adults in learning is to guide the
children in finding their skills, and talents that will provide them
with the ability to learn in their own individual way.

The ideal learning environment for children may vary from child to child.
Many children prefer to learn in an environment where they can work with
other children. Others learn better in a quiet environment where they can
discover the material by themselves. In both cases, all children need
the ample amount of space to explore the possibilities. The material for
children's learning should be abundant, accessible, and age related.
The children should be given the opportunity to use hands on material
that is available to them at all times. They should also be able to
relate the material to what they already know.
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